Maximum protection for your phone and family

See your phone on a map, protect it from thieves, remotely block it and wipe it. See where your children are at all times, create geofenced areas and be notified if they are not where they are supposed to be (more...)
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USD 18*

Upfront payment
€ 12.99
6 months
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USD 9*

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€ 41.94
12 months
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€ 59.88

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Registration is Free
Registration to puntalo, downloading and installing our application and taking a look around is FREE. You will even be able to see at any time on the map where your phone is without spending a single cent. When you are comfortable with our service you can decide if you need a plan.

Our premium plans are designed to offer you maximum flexibility in your needs. Whether you have a short term need or whether you want to protect your family over the long term we have a solution which will work for you. And once you have registered you can restart our service at any time.

Registration is free.
Standard operator WAP/GPRS/UMTS charges apply for Internet traffic between the tracked phone and puntalo.
There are NO additional setup costs.
Payment is made in full upfront.

* Although we provide the price in your local currency, this is as a courtesy only: puntalo will still charge in Euros.
Currency conversion kindly provided by Google.
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