General questions

  1. What is puntalo?
    puntalo is a web service which allows you to keep track of the whereabouts of your family and the people you care for. You can simply follow where people are by looking at a map on the puntalo website or you can be notified via email or SMS when they are not where they should be.

  2. Who is behind puntalo?
    We are a small team passionate about mobiles, Internet and technology based in Berlin, Germany. We have been involved in this market for over 10 years and have been part of the incredible evolution that these technolgies have undergone.

  3. How does puntalo work?
    puntalo is divided into two parts. A small application which is installed on the phone which you want tracked (it takes less than 1 minute) and a website which shows you in real time where the phone is.

  4. Can I be notified rather than have to keep looking at a map?
    Sure, just draw an area on the puntalo map and puntalo will send you an email or an SMS if the phone you are tracking is (or is not) within the area when you expect it.

  5. Why do I need to install something on the phone I want to track?
    Phones are not designed to collect information on where they are and then send it to a website. So we've had to write a special application to do all this and send it to us.

  6. What about privacy?
    We take the privacy of our users very very seriously. None of the data we collect will ever be shared, rented or sold with anybody. You, and only you, will ever have access to this data. Not only that, but we pledge to anonymise all tracks which are older than 15 days.

  7. Will the person being tracked be aware he/she is being tracked?
    Yes, we are not spies and we do not want our application to be misused, so the person being tracked will see a number of telltale signs that the puntalo application is active on his/her phone. On top of this we will show the name and email of the person tracking the phone.

  8. Is the phone I need to track compatible?
    Here you can find the list of phones compatible with our service. Please let us know if your phone is not in this list and you would be interested in our service.

  9. How accurate is puntalo?
    puntalo's technology is the most accurate of it's kind. We employ an overlapping number of techniques (GPS, cell triangulation and Wi-Fi network positioning) to help you find where your beloved ones are. The accuracy of commercially available GPS is purposefully made less accurate for security reasons so you will be able to tell if your loved ones are within a specific area, but it will not always distinguish between one room and another.

  10. Can you give me some more information on how puntalo works?
    Sure, the best place to start from is our interactive demo. Once you have seen this you should head over to our blog where you can keep up with what we are doing.

  11. Can I use puntalo with a mobile phone that does not have a GPS receiver?
    Yes, however we strongly recommend the use of handsets with a GPS receiver as this is the most precise tracking method. Although we do not advertise, encourage or make any promises as to it's precision, our application already uses a number of fallback solutions which do not require GPS.

  12. Can anyone else besides me see my child's location?
    No, it is impossible. Location information is only accessible to you and to people chosen by you.

  13. How much will puntalo cost me?
    Signing up to puntalo, downloading and installing the application is absolutely free. You will even be able to see where the phone is for free. If you then want to start tracking a phone you will find our plans very accessible: please see here for our updated pricing. On top of this you will be charged by your provider for data transfer between the phone and puntalo. It is suggested that the phones on which puntalo is installed are equipped with a data plan and that this takes into consideration roaming in case you are planning on using puntalo on phones abroad.

  14. Can I see my child in another country with puntalo?
    Yes, puntalo will work in any country and you can see your child's location anywhere in the world as long as his phone is able to send data over the Internet from abroad. This usually means his phone is going to be paying a roaming fee (usually quite expensive).

  15. What mobile operating systems does puntalo support?
    Puntalo supports Android (OS 1.6 or newer), BlackBerry (OS 4.6 or newer), iOS (OS 4.0 or newer), Symbian (S60 3rd Edition or newer) and Windows Phone (OS 7.5 or newer).

  16. Will my referrals have access to my tracks?
    No, people you refer to puntalo and which sign up will never be able to see the tracks of the phones in your account.

  17. What exactly does puntalo delete with the remote wipe feature?
      Symbian Android iOS BlackBerry Windows Phone
    Call history
    Photos & Videos

  18. Installation & setup

  19. Can you take me through the setup?
    Sure, the first thing you need to do is to register - this is free. This will create an account to which only you will have access. Once you are in your account click on "Track new phone" and select the model of phone you want to track. Please bear in mind that you will need physical access to the phone you want to track. To complete the setup you will then need to download the puntalo application to this phone. The application will ask you for email and password: provide the same credentials you have used to register. That's it, you are good to go.

  20. How do I start tracking?
    Once you have installed the application the phone is already tracking and will be showing up on the map in your account. At this point all you have to do is look at the map.

  21. How do I setup alerts?
    Let's say you want to be notified if your child is not in school.
    First zoom in on the address of the school using the search box just above the right hand corner of the map. Then click on the blue "Notification areas" tab just below the search box and create a new area. Indicate when he's expected to be in school and press "Save".
    Then go to the "" and add the email addresses or mobile phone numbers which you wish to be notified if he's not in school. Now sit back and relax in the knowledge that you will be notified if your child is not in school when he's expected.

  22. Why am a getting some notifications which turn out to be incorrect?
    Commercial GPS positioning systems are not 100% accurate and it may happen that they provide puntalo with incorrect data. To avoid this kind of confusion we strongly advise that you draw the areas larger than the actual area you want geo-fenced.

  23. I keep on receiving the message that I am tracking too many phones
    You are allowed to track 1 device with a free account and 5 devices with a premium account. To see how many phones puntalo thinks you are tracking just login to your account on and look on the side of the map: if you see as many phones as you are allowed to track then you will need to delete some before you can track a new one. You should also check that there are no phones queued up which you have not yet confirmed are yours. Simply click on the green button "Track new phone" to check if this is the case.

  24. How can I access the features available for the phone I want to protect?
    The "Tracks" page is where you can see all the phones and the family members you are protecting. Here is how it looks like:

    1. From here you can access the wizard that will guide you through a step by step registration of a phone.
    2. Phone or family member currently shown on the map (white background).
    3. Other phones or family members registered in your account, but not currently shown on the map (grey background).
    4. From here you can check the mobile phone numbers and email addresses which will be notified about movements and SIM card changes related to your phones and family members.
    5. Select the day for which you want to see this phone's tracks. On mouse over the exact date will be shown.
    6. Map. If you have a premium account you will be able to choose to see the phone's position on a normal map or on a "satellite view" map. With a free account you will only be able to use a normal map.
    7. Allows you to search for an address and show it on the map.

    For each one of the phones and family members you registered in your account you can access to the following services:

    1. Zoom and center the map on the last known location for this device.
    2. Access the security services like stolen mode, data wiping, remote lock etc...
    3. Change the name visualized for this device.
    4. Check this option if you want to be notified about movements or SIM card changes related to this phone via email or SMS.
    5. Click on the image to upload a picture person being tracked.
    6. Remove the phone from your account - the application will then deactivate on your phone. If you then want to protect the device again, you will have to register the application again.

  25. I cannot uninstall puntalo from my phone
    If you are having trouble uninstalling puntalo from your phone because your credentials are not being accepted you can simply login to your account on and delete the phone from your account. After a couple of hours all uninstall protection will be deactivated and you will be able to remove the puntalo app without any problems. For iOS this does not work so you will need to simply uninstall the application from the device itself.
    If you are sure your credentials are correct please contact our customer support and we will be able to help you.

  26. How do I cancel my account from puntalo?
    Please contact us via our support page writing "Account cancellation" in the subject. Make sure you are logged into your account when sending the request; this is a measure adopted in order to protect the privacy of our users.